This book club is thinking differently...are you?

This book club is thinking differently...are you?

Last month I shared the news that in January 2019 I will be launching a brand new opportunity for early careers professionals to connect, learn and share new and different ways of thinking on how to solve some of the biggest problems the industry faces, through an exciting new book club!

I’ve loved reading for as long as I can remember, and it’s a passion that I have no doubt will be lifelong. Since launching The Branding Man I have spent countless hours sitting in my local library in Clapham. Focusing. Grafting away. But also reconnecting by getting lost. Lost in the words falling off the shelves around me. Inspired by them to think differently about, and impact with real change in the world of early careers.

Why read (more!)

But for me the benefits of reading go much further than inspiration. In a world where our attention is constantly ‘up for grabs’ reading allows us to switch off. It allows the world to fall away and enables us to fully embrace the here and now, especially if it’s a page-turner like the new Dan Brown that I’ve devoured in a matter of days (again!) The cognitive stimulation the reader experiences as a result reduces stress, increases your knowledge base, expands your vocabulary, improves writing skills and makes you a stronger analytical thinker - a problem solver. Someone who wants to disrupt existing ways of thinking perhaps?

If that’s you then carry on reading. We need you.

Think Differently: The Book Club aims to:

  • Provide the opportunity for you read more books in 2019

  • Connect you with like-minded early careers professionals who you may already know, have only spoken to online, or never even met at all

  • Diversify your reading list and broaden the ways in which you think

  • Help you to meet the love of your life (or maybe just a fellow bibliophile - lover of books)

  • Engage members in healthy debate (because we’d all like to talk about something apart from B…)

  • Provide an affordable social activity that boosts mental health and well-being

  • Give back to those in need of support, through the donations collected at registration which will be passed on to Mind, the mental health charity

So don’t delay, get involved and don’t forget to purchase and read our first text, Seth Godin’s latest bestseller ‘This Is Marketing’ before the first meeting! And if you’re still not convinced read this article ‘Reading Isn’t A ‘To Do List’ Item

If you can’t make it to London then don’t worry there will be a digital version of the book club each month - who knows it might lead to you hosting your own local club…

I’m excited to meet you all be it in person, or online!

Did you get the memo... (and do you care?)

Did you get the memo... (and do you care?)

What does #GirlPower mean to you?

What does #GirlPower mean to you?