A few words from those who have worked with The Branding Man.


“Working with Steve is always a pleasure, he is a creative thinker who quickly implements new innovative initiatives. I like the way Steve thinks, he is not afraid to look at the big picture and push the boundaries in ways which are different to what the industry expects.”

Bianca Miller-Cole, CEO and Founder, The Be Group

To my mind, Steve is a true subject matter expert when it comes to guiding and supporting businesses on their emerging talent strategies. His energy and curiosity mean he never stops learning in a landscape that’s changing faster than ever, and then applying that knowledge to the work he does with partners, clients and young people. To illustrate the point, I recently ran a webinar with Steve focussing on Gen Z and about 10 minutes into our prep conversation, I realised I was learning more in that 10 minutes about the aspirations and challenges of our future talent that I had in a long time! Expertise like Steve’s is essential if employers and our emerging talent are going to get what they both need.

Nicola Sullivan, Business Development Director, Meet and Engage

“I have worked with Steve for more than 5 years. Steve is a passionate advocate for young people and ensuring that there are quality opportunities for them to progress in. He really does understand the disconnect between employers and young people and that in today’s world young people learn, engage and work in very different ways. Steve has a in-depth understanding of inclusion and diversity agenda’s and challenges, he understands key government policy that influences and impacts business and young peoples experiences. All of this together results in a really youth friendly human being who can bring a fresh perspective to youth engagement and employment, ensuring everyone gets the return they need.”

Laura-Jane Rawlings, Founder and Chief Executive, Youth Employment UK

“Working with Steve is a joy. His instincts are sound and based on the uniqueness of his skill set and experience which means that he is able to understand recruiter and student alike and connect them with each other in authentic and interesting ways that simply work.”

Carolyn Parry, UK Careers Adviser/Career Coach of the Year 2017 and Owner/Director of Careers Advice for Parents

“Steve is very knowledgeable about the apprenticeship sector and has kindly been part of panel discussions and events that I’ve hosted. He’s great to work with and has a real passion for what he does so he’d be a great asset to any company who employs him.”

Lizzie Brock, Marketing Director, RateMyEnterprise