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Introducing ‘My Career Story’ – a podcast that I have created to share the many career stories that have shaped the people behind them, and to encourage future generations to trust more in the process than stressing over getting it right the first time.

Why focus on career stories?

As someone who has recently left the security of full-time employment to set up my own business, my biggest surprise has been learning to enjoy the journey I have embarked upon – one which has all too often taken me outside of my comfort zone, against my will, leading to new personal and professional growth. In a world increasingly filled with ambiguity and uncertainty over the future it’s important, not just for our young people, but for us all to start thinking more closely about the direction in which our careers are moving, learning to become more flexible in our approach. I’m hopeful that by sharing the career stories of others to inspire someone, somewhere to take charge of their career in order to realise their full potential.

To be featured as a future guest simply email via the ‘Contact Me’ page - I would LOVE to hear from you!



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“This is such a great new podcast series. In every episode I hear something that inspires me, challenges my thinking, makes me chuckle, fuels my curiosity and even things that I disagree with. A must listen for curious people who like to reflect on their career development and their contribution to the world. Brilliant!” *****
— CuriousThomas, Apple Podcasts Review
“My Career Story couldn’t have come at a better point in my life, listening and experiencing others journeys is helping me to slowly put things into perspective. Very inspirational!! I’m sure we can all relate to these in some way with whatever paths we are on. Totally recommend a listen, I for sure feel connections” *****
— 1n3ffable, Apple Podcasts Review


Podcast Production

As a recent graduate of Seth Godin’s Podcasting Fellowship I am now an accredited podcast producer ready to assist you with the initial concept, recording, editing and publishing. We’ve listened to stories since the dawn of time, and now all your brand needs is the right platform and a pair of headphones to tell yours too.