Episode 08

Neil thornton, digital content editor & strategist

Why Neil?

Neil inspires me with the way that he takes ownership of himself and his career, using his many talents and the platforms that he has created, to not only better himself but also to support and educate others.

About Neil

Neil is a London-based Digital Editor, blogger, podcaster and coffee drinker (not always in that order). Having begun his career as a copywriter in the luxury retail industry, Neil worked his way up to the role of Editor and has worked with some of the world’s biggest fashion and luxury brands. Neil has a passion for content and what it can achieve for a brand, and has actively evolved his skill set into content marketing and strategy over traditional editorial editing.

Out of the office Neil spins multiple project plates; he runs the men’s lifestyle blog What Neil Did, and co-presents the good news podcast A Good Good Thing. He also gives back volunteer with FoodCycle, London Friend and Diversity Role Models.

Neil’s story covers:

  • being clear on what you want when looking for a career that you will enjoy

  • how to feed your passions inside and outside of the workplace

  • striking a balance in a busy life

  • the inspiration behind his own podcast, A Good Good Thing which he co-hosts

You can find him on Twitter and Instagram @whatneildid

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