Episode 06

Joseph Grech, Managing Director and Accredited Coach, Become Coaching & TrAINING

Why Joseph?

Joseph and I first met when he attended my personal training bootcamp in Clapham. I remember being inspired by his energy and enthusiasm for his career, as well as being impressed that he owned his own business, something I aspired towards, which has now become a reality.

About Joseph

Joseph is a Coaching Psychologist, Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and a PCC-credentialed coach, meaning he has over 1000+ accredited coaching hours. He is the founder of Become Coaching & Training Ltd. and his expertise lies in supporting and challenging people to get unstuck, achieve their goals and unlock their leadership potential. He is extremely passionate about leadership development and has a wealth of experience in L&D across a range of industries. He is experienced supporting leaders globally, particularly in the Middle East and has coached and delivered training programs globally. Over the last 15 years he has worked in a range of organisations supporting people make confident and positive changes in their lives. Throughout his career he has advanced in a number of L&D roles; and has worked for Edexcel, a training manager for an immigration law firm and also in leadership development for Kingfisher plc. a FTSE100 organisation. Apart from running Become, Joseph is involved in the design and delivery of our leadership programmes and also coaches a number of senior executives and CEOs.

Joseph's story covers:

  • his road from childhood aspirations to be an inventor to acting

  • inclusion, the good, the bad and ugly

  • the importance of self awareness in career planning

  • his new passion for meditation as part of his own self care routine

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