Episode 04

DR POLLY MCGEE, AUTHOR | digital strategist | good hustler

Why Polly?

Polly’s book ‘The Good Hustle’ inspired me to create a business with heart that focused on adding value to the world of business.

About Polly

Dr Polly McGee is an author, leadership facilitator and digital strategist. With over a decade working in innovation, commercialization and leadership in public, university and private sector roles, Polly has been an integral part of the Australian startup ecosystem and a disruptor-for-good in traditional industries. Polly is passionate about creating connection in organisations large and small through courageous leadership, growth mindset, compassion and diversity. She recently undertook certification with Brene Brown to deliver her Dare to Lead Curriculum to leaders globally.

Find out more at https://pollymcgee.com and follow her on Instagram @pollymcgee