Episode 03

scott lancaster, clementine house branding agency

Why Scott?

Scott first came to my attention over Instagram in 2018. I was inspired by his entrepreneurial passion, branding expertise and authentic approach to business.

About Scott

Scott Lancaster is the Managing Director of Clementine House Branding Agency and author of the recently self-published book ‘Parallel: Exploring how meaningful connections are created in life, love and business’.

Scott helps business and people connect better, guiding the brands he works with to redefine their message and stand out in the world, as opposed to simply adding to the noise. His agency brings affordable branding services to those hungry to compete with the best in their industry.

Scott’s story covers:

  • his early career as a chef

  • where his passion for branding developed from

  • his opinions on what university does and doesn’t offer young people today

  • advice on those considering starting their own business

  • how he approached writing and publishing his first book, Parallel

Find out more about the Clementine House Branding Agency at www.clementinehouse.com/
Follow Scott on Instagram @scottlancaster_

Buy Parallel here (use discount code PODCAST20 to receive 20% off)