Episode 16

James mcfadzean, recruitment marketing and employer rbanding manager

When I look back at my career story to date there are chapters, much like that of when I became a personal trainer, where I like to think that my sense of adventure took control and hopped into the driving seat. There’s a certain confidence needed to own your career like this, or as I’m learning right now an ability to trust in a process in the quest to experience new things and see where things take you. Something I have an ambition to do, and I’m yet to try is working abroad. James’ career, along with his passion for the work he does and life itself, inspires me to work towards becoming a global brand ambassador like him.

James’ career story covers:

  • how he navigated his own career exploring what worked and what didn’t

  • his passion for working in employer branding

  • the importance of being authentic in the work that we do

  • the challenges and opportunities of working globally

  • his ambitions for the future, decided and undecided


About James

James’ career has spanned across commercial, media, higher education, ad agency and in-house, giving him a unique insight into what makes an employer brand POP!

 He’s experienced brands from fashion to finance, and tourism to technical, he’s currently leading all things employer brand for the world’s largest FMCG company; Nestle.  Starting his career in London,  he’s had the chance to launch employer brands across the globe, and his current stomping ground is the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey.

 Major area’s of interest span Diversity and Inclusion (emphasis on inclusion), the world of digital and AI, and of course-telling stories that are actually worth telling. 

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