Episode 15

Ollie sidwell, co-founder at ratemyenterprise

I believe that Ollie and I first through our mutual friend, the wonderful Sandy Chow, whilst I was working at EY. With an established brand in the undergraduate market, RME were exploring launching a new review-based, employer ranking for apprenticeships, and she had suggested that Ollie and I meet to discuss the differences between the two markets to help inform their planning. During that meeting I discovered that Ollie and I had in fact travelled very similar academic paths, both having studying Geography and Business whilst at university. Since graduating Ollie and his co-founder have built an incredible organisation, and RME’s recent news of being a finalist at the 2019 Business Culture Awards is just one way in which he inspires me as a fellow business owner who aspires to build a team around them in the future.

Ollie's career story covers:

  • the role that passion and interest played in his academic studies

  • the inspiration behind his business RateMyEnterprise

  • his advice on what it takes to become a business founder and entrepreneur

  • what the business looks like today and aspirations for the future

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About Ollie

Ollie Sidwell is the Co-founder of RMP Enterprise which is the company behind various brands and products in the early careers space, namely: RateMyPlacement.co.uk, RateMyApprenticeship.co.uk and On-Campus Promotions. Ollie started his business as he graduated and went from seed funding and back bedrooms, to the 50 person team based in Brixton it is today.

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