Episode 14

Rebecca Oladele, PERSONAL TRAINER at fit2sparkle

Rebecca and I met on the first day of our training course for the personal training qualification that we both successfully completed in 2010. Almost ten years later I continue to be amazed and inspired by the effortless energy that she brings to running her business and helping others to become fitter, healthier versions of themselves.

Rebecca's career story covers:

  • why she decided to become a personal trainer

  • what she loves about the work that she does with her clients

  • how she balances work and her life as a mother

  • the conversations she has with her children about their future careers


About Rebecca

Rebecca Oladele is a fit 40 something boss lady and the owner of the fitness business Fit2Sparkle. She is married with 4 children. She has a Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Science, an advanced Personal trainer diploma and a level 4 qualification in Strength and Conditioning. She has a huge passion for health and fitness and has made it her life’s mission to transform bodies into lean mean machines.

When she isn’t training clients and looking after her family, she goes running for stress relief, learning Spanish and listening to music. She is currently coaching a competitive swimming team of 40 swimmers as well as training brides to be and post natal women.

Visit her website at www.Fit2Sparkle.co.uk

Instagram at rebecca_fit2sparkle

Facebook at Fit 2 Sparkle

Email on Fit2Sparkle@yahoo.co.uk