Episode 10

Aaron carty

Why Aaron?

Aaron and I lived together between 2007 and 2009 during the time that I transitioned from my career in teaching into the world of student recruitment. His passion and drive for the achieving his goals, no matter how much hard work and focus, that may involve has always inspired me.

About Aaron

Entrepreneur and business owner Aaron Carty, one of Essex Police’s youngest ever police officers at 18 and a half years old, left to pursue his dream of working in the media industry, creating films and marketing campaigns. Having no money, qualifications or experience – this was not an easy feat. 

As the International Beyoncé Impersonator Aaron, burst onto the scene in 2015 on Britain’s Got Talent, where he wowed the judges with his Crazy In Love / Single Ladies routine with his six female dancers. Having been a police officer for five years really got the press’ attention; as did his fame when he arrested, the now late, Jade Goody.

Since Britain’s Got Talent – Aaron has performed all over the world including New York, Las Vegas, L.A, Seychelles, Berlin and Sitges. Having performed for Coca-Cola and even international royalty. As well as three UK tours including performances in front of 20,000 people at Trafalgar Square as part of Pride in London and the explosively amazing Mighty Hoopla festival with The Grand.

 Beyoncé Experience is exactly that – a full Beyoncé concert experience including choreography, an army of female dancers, couture costumes and over 40 of Beyoncé’s best loved hits from Destiny’s Child to Lemonade 

Aaron’s story covers:

  • his journey from police officer to media entrepreneur to Beyonce impersonator to Head of Marketing of UK Black Pride

  • his approach to living in the moment and following his dreams

  • building a new business from scratch with his co-founder Darren

  • the realities of life as an entrepreneur

  • life performing as a Beyonce impersonator

  • the importance of UK Black Pride

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