Early Careers Masterclasses

With over 12 years of experience across education, learning and development, student recruitment and employer branding, I am an expert in my field.

The Branding Man masterclasses are designed to help you deliver a best in class candidate experience that builds trust and are truly authentic in approach.

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creating powerful stories for your business

Stories are just for children right? They have no place in business? Wrong. If you’re looking for a way to build trust and heighten emotion then stories are absolutely right for your business. Good stories evoke feelings and when used with skill, they can create bonds and connections with candidates applying to join your business that will ensure they accept your offer over the others held in their hands.

Learn how to harness the power of storytelling to deliver more authentic and truthful moments with candidates throughout the recruitment process.



Thought. Energy. Disruption. Uncertainty. Fear. Just a few of the words associated with change. Opportunity. Progress. Development. Innovation. Another selection with a more positive outlook. Whichever way you look at it often involves dealing with a variety of stakeholders, all working at different speeds to adapt, especially when it comes to the introduction of apprenticeships to the early careers market.

Learn how to lead change in your business, that ensures key messages are delivered effectively and with impact that inspires collective action.


MOMENTS THAT MATTER: Designing a best-in-class candidate experience

It’s time for employers to be more proactive in their attraction and marketing strategies - to think beyond the bums on seats for next year, but for the year after that, and after that and in 5 years time. And beyond. Taking the time to create more memorable brand experiences that better support young people in making the right choices for them, and which strengthen recall and affinity for your employer brand. Win. Win.

Learn how to create more meaningful moments that candidates will remember and help position your employer brand as one which is desirable and front of mind amongst your target audience.