Hello, I’m Steve.

I work with employers to create inclusive brand campaigns and experiences that help young people to access the world of work.


Inclusion comes first.

When it comes to supporting young people in their transition from education into the world work we are failing to use inclusive strategies which help them to better understand their future career options.

I’m a firm believer that the efforts to attract more diverse talent, are often exclusive, especially when it comes to recruiting entry level talent through apprenticeship and graduate training programmes.

Over the last 13 years, working across education, learning and development, student recruitment and employer branding I’ve noticed a disconnect between the way that employers talk about the opportunities they offer, and the information that young people are seeking to help them make important career decisions about their first steps into the world of work.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to advise others on how to best connect with future talent using more inclusive brand strategies that speak a shared language and help to create a sense of belonging.

Founder and Chief Behavioural Officer


A unique perspective.


Benefit from my in-depth understanding of the early careers market, and thirst for knowledge and innovation, to help you better connect with young people in a competitive market.


The experience I’ve gained in the classroom, and a focus on peer-to-peer content that is engaging, has always put young people first and leads to more quality applications and hires.


Award-winning campaigns, that are authentic and inspire young people to ask questions about your opportunities, are something I am already recognised for across the industry.


MY story

Find out more about my mission to change the way employers communicate with, and support, young people.



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It’s time to start thinking differently, together, today

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Introducing ‘My Career Story’ – a podcast that I have created to share the many career stories that have shaped the people the people behind them, and to encourage future generations to trust more in the process than stressing over getting it right the first time.



A weekly insight into the ways that I think we can all Think Differently in our approach to employer branding and early careers.





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