I believe that the experiences of an LGBT+ professional in the workplace are different to those who are self-employed.

The professional networks aiming to support inclusion can therefore, in part, be seen to be exclusive in practice.

Self-employed LGBT+ people (both freelancers and business owners) would therefore benefit from the creation of their own community network designed to cater especially for them, which provides:

  1. Opportunities to regularly network with other LGBT+ self-employed people to help build their business’ reputation and to pitch for future projects

  2. Scope for tapping into the ‘sharing economy’ through skill sharing/swapping that supports business growth and reputation

  3. A space for self-employed LGBT+ people to develop a sense of belonging reinforced through additional social events and charity fundraising support

  4. A chance to celebrate those individuals who are finding their own way in the world through self-employment

What do you think?