Digital Events


YOUR brand, at their convenience

We live in a time where influencers are a powerful piece of any brand strategy. Some might even argue the most important part. Whether you consider them to be influencers or not your people can play a critical role in helping to educate young people in how to make the right career choice for them through the stories that they tell when they meet them for the first time.

Until recently an event strategy focused on bringing people together in a physical space, however, technology has now created new ways for you and your people to share brand stories digitally and to start creating owned content which you can use to both inform young people and their influencers, and as part of your ongoing content planning.

Introducing Digital Events from The Branding Man - your brand, at their convenience.


Podcast Production

UK podcast audiences are growing, with more and more people becoming more dedicated each week. They are an excellent opportunity to increase brand recall and affinity through emotive storytelling, and with 24% of the population listening to at least one show per week, their popularity is growing fast. In short, audio is quickly becoming the best opportunity for you to create owned content, that literally cuts through the noise on other media platforms.

As a recent graduate of Seth Godin’s Podcasting Fellowship I am now an accredited podcast producer ready to assist you with the initial concept, recording, editing and publishing. We’ve listened to stories since the dawn of time, and now all your brand needs is the right platform and a pair of headphones to tell yours too.


Webinar Insights

When it comes to careers, a lack of information on the options available to young people continues to present a barrier for them to be sure that they have made the right choice, and explaining what you do can be a critical part of this decision-making process. Traditional approaches to showcasing career opportunities focus on attending careers fairs, visiting local schools or running office open evenings, but they are not accessible to everyone and often marginalise those in recruitment cold spots.

Reach hidden future talent by developing webinar insights accessible to anyone with a computer, tablet or smartphone. As well as offering the opportunity to build mailing lists to develop relationships with candidates as part of your CRM strategy, they can be used to run live Q&A sessions with in-demand recording meaning if life gets in the way, as it often does, that those who registered but couldn’t attend never have to miss out again.