Developing your
Brand Story

With over 12 years of experience across education, learning and development, student recruitment and employer branding, I am an expert in my field.

The Branding Man masterclasses are designed to help you deliver a best in class candidate experience that builds trust and is truly authentic in approach, powered by story.




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Workshops can be booked privately for your team and either hosted at your offices or externally by arrangement.



using story to position yourself as a trusted business advisor

For a long time change wasn’t necessarily a word you would see being used in relation to student recruitment, until the arrival of apprenticeships that is.

During the 8 years I spent leading on the marketing and communications of one of the world’s largest professional services firms, change was pretty much something I learnt to tackle on a daily basis. When you introduce anything new to existing offerings you become responsible for taking people on a journey - some will follow without question, some will need persuasion and others will dig those heels in and resist you at every opportunity given. It’s this resistance to change that made my work so exciting, and which became the fuel I used to develop communication strategies, speaking to a range of stakeholders both internal and external, that encouraged more to follow and to embrace the world of early careers with open arms.

Learn how to lead change in your business, using communication strategies which ensure key messages are delivered effectively and with impact in your teams and business, to inspire collective action.



Using story to educate and inform

Stories are just for children right? They have no place in business? Wrong. If you’re looking for a way to build trust and heighten emotion then stories are absolutely right for your business. Good stories evoke feelings and when used with skill, they can create bonds and connections with candidates applying to join your business that will ensure they accept your offer over the others held in their hands.

Learn how to harness the power of storytelling to deliver more authentic and truthful brand moments with candidates that will ultimately educate and inform them about your career opportunities.



using story to create a best-in-class candidate experience

It’s time for employers to be more proactive in their attraction and marketing strategies - to think beyond the bums on seats for next year, but for the year after that, and after that and in 5 years time. And beyond. Taking the time to create more memorable brand experiences that better support young people in making the right choices for them, and which strengthen recall and affinity for your employer brand. Win. Win.

Learn how to build brand experience maps that will support your team in providing a quality end-to-end candidate experience that is best-in-class.