‘Behind the Brand’ Consulting


Whether you are an employer interested in developing impactful future talent attraction strategies or looking to better educate young people with content that speaks their language, I offer a range of services designed to suit those who are new to early careers, looking to improve existing brand activity or keen to extend their reach and influence:



Knowledge is the powerhouse behind creating intelligent recruitment campaigns that land with impact, and an important first step in communicating your employer brand to young people.

  • Market Research and Insight

  • Focus Groups

  • Brand Persona Development


Together we will develop a shared language that drives engagement and communicates your brand, purposefully, at key moments of inspiration and choice for young people exploring their career options.

  • Employer Value Proposition (EVP) Development

  • Youth-Friendly Copywriting

  • Brand and Candidate Experience Mapping


Bring your brand to life by identifying the best advocates within your business and designing powerful strategies that put young people at the heart of everything they say and do, whilst building a strong reputation in the market.

  • Brand Ambassador Programmes

  • Digital Events: Podcast Production and Webinars

  • Tactical Brand Campaigns and Experiences