Hello, I’m Steve.

I work with employers to create inclusive brand campaigns and experiences that help young people to find careers where they can develop a better sense of belonging.


And I believe that Inclusion comes first.

When it comes to supporting young people in their transition from education into the world work we are failing to use inclusive strategies which help them to better understand their future career options and develop their sense of belonging.

I’m a firm believer that current efforts to attract more diverse talent, are often exclusive, targeting young people based solely on their gender, ethnicity, sexuality, ability or socio-economic background.

We’ve forgotten the importance of asking the questions that help us to really understand what it is young people are looking for when they take their first steps from school, or university, into the world of work.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to share my expertise and experience across a 13-year career - covering teaching, learning and development, student recruitment and employer branding - on how to best connect with them using more inclusive brand strategies that take the time to listen, in order to understand how best to share the experiences of the people already working for you.

It’s time ask yourself whether you know WHO you are talking to, HOW to engage them and WHY.

Are you ready to put inclusion first?

Founder and Chief Behavioural Officer





“Steve worked with our prison officers to develop their personal brand and storytelling. The session was interactive, engaging and was met with positive feedback. The participants left the session with tangible tools to build their network and tell their brand story. We would thoroughly recommend Steve and his workshops to other organisations looking to help participants engage with new audiences.”

Ally Steel, Development & Partnerships Manager, Unlocked Graduates




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